Were you under 30 when you had your first baby?

10 books to read during Australian Reading Hour 3 min read

Wondering what to read for Australian Reading Hour tomorrow? Here are some suggestions for your preschooler and primary-aged kids.

The surprising solution to your step-parenting problems 5 min read

Let’s start with that fundamental reality—you are not liked and not accepted. How do you deal with that with grace, kindness and respect for the child?

What having kids taught me about my relationship with food 4 min read

"Food is fuel, it’s energy and it’s healing, but most of all, food is the greatest form of self-love."

Bibs & bobs — 15 September 2019 1 min read

A spring school holiday like no other | The simple solution for preventing heart disease

Not Christian? You may still want to consider a Christian school. Here's why 1 min read

“Teachers are one of the few groups of people in society who can tell other people what to do in their discretionary time and—by and large—they obey.” 

Looking beyond the now 4 min read

When I look at what is happening right now, it's effortless to get caught in the trap of thinking there is no hope. Then things like this happen . . . 

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