April 2019

April 2019

The screentime activity your child needs to have 3 min read

We often talk about screentime as being a bad thing for children. There are however some vital computer skills kids need to learn.

How to give parenting advice without getting hit 4 min read

We’ve all been on the receiving end of unwanted parenting advice. But what happens when you’re on the other side?

Avocado sushi — Cooking with Gia and Olive 1 min read

Learn how to make sushi even kids will love

Mexican salsa — Cooking with Gia and Olive 1 min read

Bring some fiesta into your home with this easy Mexican salsa recipe.

Child prodigy—why yours is already one 5 min read

One psychologist has the secret to unleashing the innate potential in kids.

The secret to improving your teen's mental health 2 min read

Research has revealed religious education in schools can help improve the emotional and mental health of teenagers.

Free Printable — Genius-Building Experiences for Children 1 min read

Experiences are so important in allowing genius to flourish, so here is a starter kit of ideas to plan to do with your child. You might like to tick those that you have already done and place an asterisk next to...

10 things you should never say to your children 3 min read

Don't beat yourself up if you've said one of these phrases—and we all have—to your kid at one point or another, but here's why you shouldn't say them again.