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Bibs & bobs — 2 June 2019

By Mums At The Table 1 min read

Green space for good mental health | Cure for leukaemia? | Solving children’s sleep problems

Green space for good mental health

An Aarhus University (Denmark) study of more than a million people has found that children who grew up with the lowest levels of green space—parks, gardens and sports fields—had up to a 55 per cent higher risk of developing a psychiatric disorder. The risk of developing a mental disorder decreases incrementally the longer a child has been surrounded by green space from birth and up to the age of 10.—The New Daily

Cure for leukaemia?

Children raised in “super-clean homes” (where antiseptic wipes, antibacterial soaps and disinfected floor washes are the norm) have improperly primed immune systems, which makes them susceptible to chronic inflammation. This in turn changes their susceptibility to leukaemia so that it is transformed into the full-blown condition. Newly-knighted cancer scientist Professor Mel Greaves believes a yoghurt-like drink that works on the bacteria, viruses and other microbes that live in the human gut can help stop children from developing leukaemia.—The Guardian

Solving children’s sleep problems

Flinders University’s paediatric sleep expert, Professor Michael Gradisar, along with clinical psychologist, Rachel Hiller, have released a new book that provides parents with step-by-step treatments for childhood sleep problems. Helping Your Child with Sleep Problems: A Self-Help Guide for Parents puts research-supported techniques into the home environment, designed to help children aged 5–12 years.—Flinders University