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Bibs & bobs — 9 June 2019

By Mums At The Table 1 min read

Eggshell as seedling containers | Augmented reality trail | Ethical fashion guide app


Eggshell as seedling containers

To make deeper containers, crack the eggs on the pointy end (rather than in the middle), rinse the shells, fill with quality seedling mix and sow your seeds. Keep the soil moist but not wet. When your seedlings are ready, crack a hole in the bottom of each egg shell to expose the roots and pop your plants into your garden.—@simplylivingourlife

Ethical fashion guide app

The free 2019 Ethical Fashion Guide is now available as a download or an app. End sweatshops and worker exploitations by using the guide to buy clothes from the companies doing more to protect their workers. They’ve even made it easy for individuals to share social media posts about different companies or to send them a message about their actions. Included are seven practical ways you can become a more ethical shopper.—Baptist World Aid

Augmented reality trail

Fans of children’s book The Gruffalo can now journey through the deep dark wood and meet their favourite characters with a new augmented reality app. The Gruffalo Spotters Trail app experience will come to life for the first time in Australia at the National Trust Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Queensalnd. The event celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the much-loved children’s classic.—Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary