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What is emotional intelligence? And how do I teach my child to understand and regulate their emotions in a healthy way? Psychologist Collett Smart shares tips for nurturing emotional intelligence in kids. 🧠 

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Have you ever wondered if you were out of the ordinary? Or perhaps you’re thriving on the idea you’re unique? The results from this 40-year study will tell you just where you stand.

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A healthy diet is an important part of any lifestyle, especially when you're pregnant. But are there any foods you shouldn't have? Nutritionist Amanda Muhl discusses the top foods to eat while you're pregnant, and what do avoid. 🍊🥬 

I was a workaholic—and then I had kids 3 min read

"I'm the CEO and founder of several insurance businesses in the UK and Australia. I have over 200 staff . . . but the truth is that being a parent is by far the most challenging undertaking I’ve ever engaged...

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Tabouli is a classic middle eastern salad, but this version offers a vegan twist. The perfect lunchbox idea for kids and parents! 🥗

What to do when you have different sex drives 4 min read

When it comes to solving the problem of having different sex drives without either party feeling rejected or used, there is a rather surprising and countercultural solution.

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Face masks are a tool being used to protect the spread of COVID-19. But how do you explain them to children? Psychologist Collett Smart discusses some ways to introduce face masks to children and answer their questions. 

How to handle a clingy child 1 min read

Q: How do I get my clingy 19-month-old to detach from mum and a bit more onto dad? If I'm unavailable, he's fine, but I'm his preference. Dad is doing his best to meet our toddler's needs but he just...

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Trying to get more protein into your diet? Discover the five best plant-based protein sources with nutritionist Amanda Muhl. 💪🏼🥦 

My kids didn't expect this after they failed to do their chores—again 3 min read

"I knew Jacob needed a consequence for his inaction, but all I could think about were the chores that awaited me, and here I was doing his simple chore on top of it!"

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How to make an authentic tasting vegan chai latte and tea at home. It's the perfect weather for a warm masala chai 😍

Caring for my disabled child: "This phase won't pass" 10 min read

I have had parents say to me “well my child never tells me what happens at school anyway!”, like it’s the same thing. Don’t be that person.