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🎥 COVID-19 and your child: Frequently asked questions

By Mums At The Table 1 min read
Sunday, April 05, 2020

We sit down with GP Dr Andrew Pennington to find out the answers to what every mum wants to know when it comes to coronavirus and COVID-19.

Disclaimer: As the COVID-19 pandemic is an extremely fluid and fast-moving situation, bear in mind that some medical advice may have changed since time of recording.

  • How worried should I be for my kids? 0:50
  • What about premmie kids? 2:19
  • What about people with asthma? 3:07
  • Are nebulisers safe? 4:54
  • Can I have COVID-19 without showing symptoms? 6:18
  • Why do we need to socially isolate? 8:51
  • When does somebody become contagious? 10:01
  • Should I self-quarantine if I start coughing? 10:58
  • When should I call my GP? 13:06
  • What if I've had contact with COVID-19, without knowing? 15:06
  • Is staying at home the best option? 16:19
  • What should my family do if one of us is infected? 17:52
  • Are paracetamol and ibuprofen safe? 20:31
  • How can I keep my immune system up? 22:04
  • Does hot water help? 27:36
  • Do I need to wear a face mask? 28:35

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