Help mums grow stronger

It’s not easy being a mum . . . especially if you don’t have relatives or friends who can offer encouragement and advice. That’s why Mums At The Table is meeting a very real need among women in Australia and New Zealand.

Through uplifting TV shows, monthly magazines and social media, Mums At The Table invites women to join the conversation about motherhood and share their victories and challenges with other like-minded women.

Your tax-deductible gift* is vital to help expand this outreach to women. So please give generously to offer hope, hope, encouragement and friendship to more mums!

Through your donation, you’ll empower more women to grow in their skills and confidence as mothers, and become part of a community of friends. You’ll offer support to those who are lonely and help build strong, healthy families.

Thank you for your gift today!

*Mums At The Table is produced by Adventist Media, which is supported by the Adventist Media Network Cultural Trust. Donations through the Adventist Media Network Cultural Trust are tax-deductible. The Trust provides funds for the creation of new TV shows and magazines.