Help mums like Silvia find their small village

Silvia moved from Melbourne to Sydney in 2019, leaving many of her friends, family and support groups behind. Soon after the birth of her second child, Silvia was diagnosed with postnatal depression. Then the coronavirus hit—making it even harder to find the support she desperately needed.

“I was pregnant for a second time . . . I felt lonely, confused, upset and isolated.” 

But once she found the Mums At The Table community, she realised she wasn’t alone.

After joining the Mums At The Table Facebook group, members from the Ryde local meet-up group reached out to Silvia and invited her to their playgroup. Silvia started attending these and began to feel supported, accepted and confident.

“A lot of my friends now are actually from the Mums At The Table group . . . it’s quite lovely that through the group I found my small village.”

There are more mums like Silvia who feel lonely, helpless and inadequate. A mother who is struggling on her parenting journey. A woman who longs for connection. 

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