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An almost-free way to entertain the family during iso

By Mums At The Table 1 min read
Friday, April 03, 2020

A 10-week film festival delivered straight to your inbox—with a 50% discount!

Are you struggling to find entertainment while doing the iso thing? Sick of all the depressing news on TV and social media? Looking for something family-friendly and hope-filled? Most of all, want to support Mums At The Table while getting something for (almost) free?

Half-price tickets

We've partnered with Heritage Films to offer you half-price tickets to their 10-week Hope at Home film and event festival. This means instead of $59.99 for 12 amazing films, more than 20 live Q&As, panels, workshops and more, you'll only have to pay $29.99. 

At the same time, $10 will go to Mums At The Table to help us to continue to provide mums with resources and a community they can turn to when they need it.

Across the festival period, ticket holders will receive a new film in their inbox every single week, an accompanying Q&A with the filmmakers and/or fellow storytellers, and access to a range of online events including panels, workshops, in-conversations and more.

Buy half-price ticket now (Use the code MUMS50)

How does the film festival work?

When you purchase a ticket, you will be asked to set up an account with the digital platform Story Together. This is where you will watch the films.

It’s an online festival, which means if you want to watch on your TV, you will either need to use Chromecast (and Google's chrome browser) or an Apple TV (and Apple's safari browser). Alternatively you could connect your computer to the TV via HDMI.

A new film will be dropped into your Story Together Library each week, and you will also receive an email reminding you it’s arrived.

For the live events/content that will be released throughout the festival—interviews, workshops, watch parties, etc—you'll also receive instructions on how to join this. Basically, it is a closed Facebook group where cool new stuff will happen every Tuesday and Thursday (maybe more) over the 10 weeks. Simply follow the link and apply to join. It’s a great way to get together with others in the same “space”.

Buy half-price ticket now (Use the code MUMS50)

The films

Buy half-price ticket now (Use the code MUMS50)