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How often are toddlers sick?

By Neil Ginsberg 1 min read
Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Q: How often should I expect a normal, generally healthy toddler to catch a cold? My almost two-year-old has been doing so at a rate of about once a month. Is this normal?

Parents are often worried that a child who always seems to have a cold or sniffles might have a weak or compromised immune system. The reality is that it is common for babies and toddlers to have eight to 10 colds a year when the immunity they received from their mum starts to fade.

This number will reduce as their own immunity builds. However, with more than 100 different cold viruses, this may take some time.

If your toddler does have a cold, plenty of fluids, rest and good food will help their body fight the virus.


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Neil Ginsberg is a paediatrician with the Sydney Adventist Hospital.