July 2019

July 2019

When I look 1 min read

When I look at my little friends, I don’t see their milestones. I see who they are.

How often are toddlers sick? 1 min read

Q: How often should I expect a normal, generally healthy toddler to catch a cold? My almost two-year-old has been doing so at a rate of about once a month. Is this normal?

Banana peanut split — Cooking with Gia and Olive 1 min read

A banana split without the ice-cream. Who knew that was possible?

Do this to help your child learn better at school 1 min read

This is why your child needs an eye test.

Playful ways to teach kids about money 2 min read

Teaching your children about money is crucial, and it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Reinventing the feminism definition for our girls 6 min read

Dr Payal Mukherjee is a surgeon making waves in a traditionally male-dominated role. She’s also paving the way for and encouraging girls—her daughter included—to have a greater impact in the world they’ll inherit.

What children of all ages really need 1 min read

All levels of play help to develop social-emotional competence and teach children how to interact with adults and peers.

How to get acne-free skin 1 min read

Q: How can one get acne-free skin? 

Bibs & bobs — 21 July 2019 1 min read

How to invest in shares | A simple app to keep in touch with your child's school | Why you need to sign this petition

Why preschool is important 9 min read

Australia has seen a massive increase in enrolment in preschool programs over the past 10 years, making a significant difference to the country’s children and families.