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School Holiday Ideas — Spring 2018

By The Table Tv 1 min read
Friday, September 28, 2018

Our show’s panellists share their experiences.


When my boys were little, we mostly had friends over to play, we would go to the movies or we visited the grandparents during school holidays.

Rachel L A

My mum used to make my brother and I do worksheets for the grade ahead of us . . . fun.  Also, I remember going to the water park during the summer, watching classic TV and making forts with the couch and blankets, and diving, running, jumping and tumbling around the house with my brother.


We just did really simple things such as meeting at a park for a picnic or the kids would go to a friends house or come to my house to play. Nothing particularly exciting that I can think of.

Rachel H

We dont often have big holidays away, so during the school holidays we tend to do a couple of day trips or spend time with friends. I am working part-time, but we try to have at least one fun outing a week, such as heading up the mountains for a fire and marshmallows in winter or a day at the lake in summer. We might go to a local attraction or a day trip to Sydney. Often at home, the kids play outside and create their own fun. Not that exciting!


I went to school in Singapore where homework during school holidays is the norm, so my only memories are study, study and more study. I’m not sure what I’ll do when Elliott gets to school age!


Activities included going to the local swimming pool, movies with cousins if we were really good, running errands, plenty of sleepovers at cousins’ homes and vice versa, and sometimes spent at my parents’ places of work.


I remember my mum used to take us to plant nurseries in spring to see all the flowers. My sisters and I would push each other in the plant trolleys (and only sometimes got in trouble).