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Stork Bite Mark — Ask the Experts

By Neil Ginsberg 1 min read

Q: My child is two and still has a stork bite mark on the back of her head. Is this something I should worry about?

A stork bite, also called nevus simplex, is a common birthmark affecting one in three newborns and is mostly temporary. This often occurs with a similar mark on the eyelids or forehead. As these birthmarks are a result of tiny blood vessels under the skin, the colour can deepen when a baby cries or gets hot. These birthmarks are superficial and facial marks, in particular, usually disappear by about 12–18 months. The mark can remain, as it sounds like it has in your child’s case, but will probably be hidden under the hairline and is therefore of little concern. While birthmarks that persist can be laser removed, this is very rarely needed. To be certain, let your GP see your child and discuss the options available if indeed treatment is needed.

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Neil Ginsberg is a paediatrician with the Sydney Adventist Hospital.

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