The Table TV | Ep 2 | Season 3 1 min read

When people don’t realise your kid is your kid | Mandi Makes: Bug Repellent | “I had to dye my hair brown to be taken seriously” | Cooking: Gluten-Free Pancakes | Interview: Ray Moaga, pastor and founder of Usu Fitness

The Table TV | Ep 1 | Season 3 1 min read

Would you share a car with a stranger? | Mandi Makes: Natural Deodorant | At what age does your kid decide to get what to wear? | Cooking: Uncle Ange’s Hummus | Voluntourism - should Aussies stop visiting overseas orphanages? | Exercise: Side Plank | Interview:...

The Table TV | Ep 13 | Season 2 1 min read

Would you leave your child with a stranger? | Mandi makes an all-purpose spray | Are older women discriminated against? | Wish I hadn’t found out | Cooking: Chocolate Mousse | Interview with Harriet Connor, author of Big Picture Parents

The Table TV | Ep 12 | Season 2 1 min read

Do Grandma and Grandpa know best? | The best age-gap between children | The best good advice is no advice | Interview with Bec Reid, pastor's wife, mother, real estate agent | Can a marriage survive an affair?

The Table TV | Ep 11 | Season 2 1 min read

Would you friend your kids’ friends? | A robot with more rights than humans | Cooking corn salsa | Should parents wear their pyjamas during the school run? | Is going for coffee a date? | Mandi makes an all-purpose cleaner | Interview with...

The Table TV | Ep 10 | Season 2 1 min read

Tips for travelling with kids | Would you get solar power panels? | Building a cubby house | Your kids or your spouse? | Cooking "Sausage" Rolls | Interview with Rachel Golding founder of Dinner on the Table

The Table TV | Ep 9 | Season 2 1 min read

The naked truth | Cafe gender surcharge | Cook Green Pea Mingle | Interview with Sarah Hunstead, paediatric emergency nurs and author of A Life. A Finger. A Pea Up The Nose.

The Table TV | Ep 8 | Season 2 1 min read

Co-sleeping versus sleeping alone | Child care centre has kids sleeping outside | Make your own linen spray | Cook overnight oats | How do you make friends as an adult? | Interview with stay-at-home dad Daniel Bell

The Table TV | Ep 7 | Season 2 1 min read

Does spelling really matter? | How to make chia eggs | Diversity on Australian television | Interview with parenting expert Kay Kuzma | What age should kids leave home?

The Table TV | Ep 6 | Season 2 1 min read

Tinder app for mums looking for sperm donors | Volunteering with the family | Cook some giant beans | Should peanuts be banned on planes? | Make a flu bomb | Interview with Sandy Schofield, co-founder of Alcofree

The Table TV | Ep 5 | Season 2 1 min read

Tips to look after your husband from the 1950s | Out & About with Rachel: Pitching a tent | Interview with international speaker and author, Glen Gerreyn | Raising boys to be good fathers | Making your own toothpaste

The Table TV | Ep 4 | Season 2 1 min read

How do you deal with fussy eaters | Working out what you want to be when you grow up | Interview with Karen James, business woman, author, speaker and humanitarian | How to make a not tuna salad