Mums At The Table TV Show — 2 September 2018

It's a special Father's Day episode! How can dads influence their daughters' relationships? Do dads discipline or are they the fun parent? And why resilience is a skill every child should learn. Catch up on previous episodes

Mums At The Table TV Show — 26 August 2018

Is sneaking veggies into your children’s food the same thing as lying? Are there ways to improve fertility? And how can gossip ruin relationships? Psychologist Collett Smart joins the panellists to talk about the pros and perils of perfectionist parenting....

Mums At The Table TV Show — 19 August 2018

Saying no to kids | Saying no to grandparents | Nutrition with Trish: Why are nuts good for you? | Parents spending hundreds per week on kids’ extracurricular activities | Cooking: Chia Fruit Pudding | Interview with Dr Amantha Imber, innovation psychologist, on how...

Mums At The Table TV Show — 12 August 2018

Would having a "code" help women escape dangerous situations? | Wellbeing with Collett: What is Wellbeing? | Finding my identity | Cooking: One-Pot Mexican Quinoa | Interview with Lauren Darlington, R U OK? Day ambassador Catch up on previous episodes

Mums At The Table TV Show — 5 August 2018

Are tasers the answer? | What’s in your cleaning products? | Time-Saving hacks | Getting rid of all your children's toys | Cook: Spicy Pumpkin Soup | Interview: Dr Darren Morton, How can we live happier lives? Catch up on previous episodes

Mums At The Table TV Show — 29 July 2018 1 min read

Why time-out is out | Screentime and your child's brain | Exercise with Alisha: Isometric Holds | The magic formula for pocket money | Cooking with Gia and Olive: Sweet Chilli Sauce | Interview: musician Bel Thomson

The Table TV | Ep 6 | Season 5 1 min read

First gaming addict | Home Hacks | The five ages of guilt | Interview: Australia’s leading paediatric allergist Professor Mimi Tang

The Table TV | Ep 5 | Season 5 1 min read

What age should kids start school? | Exercise with Alisha: Squats-A-Million | Missing children/getting lost | Cook: Almond Chai Latte | Interview: Ben Fisher (paramedic from Kids’ First Aid)

The Table TV | Ep 4 | Season 5 1 min read

The marshmallow test | "Dating" your child | Home Hacks | What career did you want when you were younger? | Cooking - Dairy-Free Mayonnaise | Interview - Daniel Harvey (Numidan) | Would you ditch disposable nappies?

The Table TV | Ep 3 | Season 5 1 min read

Forever young? | Having kids close together | When everyone’s a winner | Cooking with Gia and Olive - Greek Lemon Herb Potatoes | Interview - Michael Hawton, "The Teen Whisperer"

The Table TV | Ep 2 | Season 5 1 min read

Adult jokes in kids’ videos | Exercise with Alisha - Low-Impact HIIT Workouts | Choosing schools | Cooking with Gia and Olive - Tahini Dressing | Interview: Sarah-Jane Meeson (Christian Women in Business) | Do women gain from talking about their salaries?

The Table TV | Ep 1 | Season 5 1 min read

Wedding traditions | Cooking with Gia and Olive - Vegetarian Gravy | Are these books sexist? | Exercise - Home Chair Workouts | Interview - Claire Marsh, psychologist, “The rise in kids’ anxiety—and what you can do about it” | Filming your kids’ punishments