Meet the team

Collett Smart, psychologist

Collett is our resident psychologist and her segment, "Wellbeing with Collett", delivers practical advice not only on parent-child relationships but also on how mums can be kinder to themselves. 

Collett is also a qualified teacher, speaker and internationally published author, with 25 years experience working in private and public schools, as well as in private practice. She has taught and delivered psychology seminars around the world including the USA, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, South Africa and Zimbabwe. She's also an ambassador for International Justice Mission Australia and eChildhood.

Collett currently lives in Sydney with her husband and three children, aged 12, 17 and 19 years old. Collett's passion lies in working with young people, which led her to found and edit the website Raising Teenagers.

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Amanda Muhl, dietition

Amanda is an accredited practicing dietitian and a mum to three young children. She has always had an interest in healthy plant-based eating, which led her to complete a Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics and pursue a career as a dietitian. She has worked for seven years in private practice and has a broad range of experience including providing individualised nutrition advice in medical centres and client’s homes, as well as working across aged care and disability. She has a special interest in nutrition for children which has developed through finding solutions to her own children’s nutritional challenges. Amanda loves getting her kids involved in cooking healthy snacks, tending to their veggie garden and enjoying the outdoors.

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Karen Holford, family counsellor

Karen Holford has been married to Bernie for 34 years and they have three adult children and three grandchildren. She has masters degrees in child psychology and family therapy, but believes the best learning about family and relationships has always been from her husband, children and grandchildren. She is the author of many books, including the popular, 52 Ways to Parent Happy Children.

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Gia & Olive, home cooks extraordinaire

The world's cutest sous-chef and her talented mother love whipping up healthy, plant-based meals in the kitchen that are quick and easy to prepare. Gia (that's mum) also runs her own catering business and is a community health presenter. Fans of the "Cooking with Gia & Olive" segment can often spot Moses, the world's cutest (male) sous-chef, aka Olive's younger brother, sneaking food in the name of "assisting".

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Rachel Humphries, show co-host

Rachel is an unreformed tomboy and a mum of three primary-aged kids. She loves the outdoors and getting fit, is a business owner and careers consultant, and has a background in corporate communications and marketing. Together with Shona, Rachel is a co-host for Mums At The Table's TV show.

“The best thing about being a mum is when I get to watch my children sleep. Seriously? It’s watching them go to school, learn to read, come home with something in their eyes that makes them go ‘boom’ and then go on to find activities and achieve things using that ability.”

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Fiona Lelilio-Tiatia, show interviewer

Fiona is a mum of four kids aged under four, including twins. She's got the positive outlook and sense of humour you'd need to survive in that situation.

Fiona has an extensive background in media and communications in government and marketing. She refuses to jump on board with every latest fad and loves asking all the hard questions to our Mums At The Table's resident experts.

“I'm the friend who's scared of your pet dog, cat, rabbit, bird, turtle. If it's not in a secure area, I'm not visiting.”

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Shona Solomon, show co-host

Shona is counting down the days until her two teenage sons leave home. With decades of business experience behind her, she specialises in straight talking, loud laughter and delicious food. Together with co-host Rachel, Shona loves sharing her opinions on all manner of mum-related topics, from helicopter parenting to navigating teenagers and everything in between. 

“The one thing I would tell the me from 10 years ago, is to be comfortable in my skin earlier.”

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Melody Tan, project manager

With years of competent magazine publishing experience behind her, Melody now manages the Mums At The Table multimedia initiative, from the website and social media, to public events and the TV show. Melody is passionate about sharing positive parenting information with other mums and is a strong advocate against mum-shaming. A journalist, Melody also writes regularly for the Mums At The Table website. She lives in Sydney with her husband and their preschooler son.

“I love historical fiction and fantasy books (Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series is my favourite) but no, I’ve never read any of the Harry Potter books.”

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Julie Laws, Facebook group moderator

Not only does Julie moderate our Facebook group—a supportive community of mums helping other mums—she's also the one asking all the questions every mum wants to know during our Online Masterclasses. Julie also looks after our volunteer team of online moderators and playgroup coordinators.

Living in a city with no friends or family nearby when her children were born, Julie knows how isolated new mums can feel. However, now a mother to two young adults and a stepmother to two teenagers, she is at a stage where she believes motherhood is pretty good. Julie has many years of experience as a teacher and business owner.

“If I can only consume one food for the rest of my life, it will have to be chocolate. I wish I didn’t like it so much—it’s a problem sometimes!"

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Vania Chew, Facebook group moderator

Vania is the other administrator and moderator of our Facebook group where "we talk about everything from postnatal depression to menstrual cups. We don’t hold back”. She also looks after our volunteer team of online moderators. Before this, Vania was the producer for Mums At The Table's TV show

"My mobile wallpaper is a photo of a hippo hunt. One of my besties and I hired a tiny rowboat on Lake Awassa in Ethiopia, determined to spot a hippopotamus in the wild. We ended up seeing several that day. This photo is a constant reminder of the incredible things that can happen when we decide to step outside of our comfort zones."


Alisha Christie, exercise guru

Alisha Christie is Mums At The Table's personal trainer and she keeps all of us fit, healthy and strong. But Alisha isn't only about exercise—she believes being healthy starts with how you feel about yourself and how you feed your body. Her passion is to help change women's lives through training, support and education on all things mindset, food and fitness. She lives on the Gold Coast with her husband and little boy, where she runs Unleash Fit Living.

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