The TV Show's Panellists

Rachel Humphries

Rachel is an unreformed tomboy and a mum of three primary-aged kids. She loves the outdoors and getting fit, is a business owner and careers consultant, and has a background in corporate communications and marketing. Rachel is a host for Mums At The Table's TV show.

“The best thing about being a mum is when I get to watch my children sleep. Seriously? It’s watching them go to school, learn to read, come home with something in their eyes that makes them go ‘boom’ and then go on to find activities and achieve things using that ability.”

Fiona Lelilio-Tiatia

Fiona is a mum of four kids aged under four, including twins. She's got the positive outlook and sense of humour you'd need to survive in that situation.

Fiona has an extensive background in media and communications in government and marketing. She refuses to jump on board with every latest fad and is one of Mums's At The Table's TV show hosts.

“I'm the friend who's scared of your pet dog, cat, rabbit, bird, turtle. If it's not in a secure area, I'm not visiting.”

Shona Solomon

Shona is counting down the days until her two teenage sons leave home. With decades of business experience behind her, she specialises in straight talking, loud laughter and delicious food.

“The one thing I would tell the me from 10 years ago, is to be comfortable in my skin earlier.”

Maryellen Fairfax

After topping the class in high school, Maryellen is studying law at university. She readily embraces new ideas, is super-keen about being the healthiest she possibly can and is unstoppably idealistic and positive. 

“When I was seven or eight years old, my favourite toy was my Tamagotchi—I had two! We weren’t allowed to have it in school, but I would keep it on a line around my neck, tucked under my school uniform.”

Rachel Lemons Aitken

Rachel isn’t the loudest person in the room but she possesses an intense passion. When she speaks it’s worth listening to. With a background in communication and project management she’s a strategic thinker who can quickly grasp issues and identify solutions. Rachel is now taking on one of the biggest challenges of her life: being a mum.

“If I could have a superpower, it would be teleporting, to be near family. It has been two years since I saw my dad [who lives in the US]. He hasn’t even met my son. I often feel torn between two places."

Melody Tan

After years of competent magazine publishing and writing, Melody has embarked on her journey of motherhood, at which no-one feels competent at first! She’s prepared to be open and vulnerable about the challenges she faces and, like all the other panellists, isn’t short of an opinion. She’s also the editor of Mums At The Table's free monthly magazine.

“I love historical fiction and fantasy books (Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series is my favourite) but no, I’ve never read any of the Harry Potter books.”

Julie Laws

Living in a city with no friends or family nearby when her children were born, Julie knows how isolated new mums can feel. However, now a mother to two young adults and a stepmother to two teenagers, she is at a stage where she believes motherhood is pretty good. “I enjoy my children the older they got, even during their teenage years.” Julie has many years of experience as a teacher and business owner.

“If I can only consume one food for the rest of my life, it will have to be chocolate. I wish I didn’t like it so much—it’s a problem sometimes!"