🎥 Quaranteen: Helping your child during Covid-19 1 min read

The day in a life of a quaranteen is different to what teens usually do. What can you do to help your teen through self isolation and staying at home. 

🎥 Healthy snacks for busy mums 1 min read

Use this guide for some easy DIY healthy snack ideas. 

🎥 How to survive family quarantine 1 min read

We've all been forced into staying at home and now spending more time with our families. We've also taken on more roles while trying to work from home. Sounds like a nightmare! We talk with psychologist Collett Smart on how...

🎥 Cervical screening: What to expect 1 min read

We chat about all the things you need to know and what to expect when you go to a cervical screen test. 

🎥 How to prevent childhood diseases 1 min read

Can childhood diseases even be prevented? If not, how do we manage childhood diseases? We speak to Dr Simone Kooke to find out more. 

🎥 A psychologist shares mental health tips for handling coronavirus 1 min read

Our resident psychologist shares mental health tips for handling coronavirus. We chat with Collett Smart to learn how to deal with anxiety and stress during coronavirus and isolation.

🎥 Crying is healthy for you 1 min read

Did you know crying is healthy for you and that there are different type of tears? Humans are the only species to release "emotional tears": tears that contain stress-relieving hormones! Psychologist Collett Smart explains how crying is healthy for you....

🎥 How to read food labels for healthier eating 1 min read

We take a practical look at those confusing food labels and speak with our resident nutritionist to find out how to use those food labels for healthier eating choices. 

🎥 Children's cough and colds treatment plan 1 min read

Children's cough and colds treatment plan by Dr Simone Kooke, women's and children's Health GP. We sit down and discuss a treatment plan for kids' cough and colds.

🎥 How to restore relationship with your child 1 min read

Restoring relationship with your child after an argument can feel challenging.  Psychologist Collett Smart teaches practical steps to reach out and restore your relationship.