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Share your story or story idea using the form below. We are always looking for stories. Two kinds of stories in particular:

1. Personal stories

Mums At The Table is about creating a community of women who aren’t afraid to share their experiences and opinions on issues that impact them. Think about how your article can help someone: Will it make them smile, give them courage or is it something they can relate to? Will the article provide them with information to help them and their family live a better, happier and more fulfilling life?

We are focused on issues dealing with life as a parent, but we are always interested in stories that impact families as a whole, as well as quirky, humorous and inspiring topics. Ultimately, we are looking for and appreciate good writing and compelling stories.

Want some examples? 

Check this out.

2. Expert pieces

As mums, we don't just want to know how to raise our children, we want to know the advice has been properly researched and backed by evidence. We want to hear from experts who are able to offer us tips and information that will help us become better mums.

Our audience

We're talking to mums who are based in Australia and New Zealand, whose careers are in or out of the home, and with one or more children aged from babies to 12. (Secondarily, grandmothers with grandchildren in that age range love us too!)

Mums At The Table is Christian at heart but all-inclusive in approach.

Your article

  • We prefer original pieces that have not been published anywhere. We will try to use an accepted article within 12 months, but this will not always happen.
  • Your story should be at least 1500 words.
  • If your story is selected for publication, it may be edited (though never to change the meaning of it) and might be shared across our various platforms (website, newsletter, social media and TV). 
  • We are happy to publish stories under a pseudonym, just make sure you let us know when you send it in.
  • If you are sending in a personal story, it is likely we will ask for a family photo. However, please do not send that in until we ask for it.

Alternatively, you are welcome to use the form below to pitch your story ideas first.

Pay rates

As a donor-based, not-for-profit organisation, we are unable to offer monetary compensation for your articles. However, as a token gesture of thanks, we are happy to send authors who have their articles published will a selection of children's books.

Mention you’re not looking for any compensation and we’ll be most grateful.

We can't wait to hear from you!

As we receive a large number of submissions and queries, it can take up to four weeks for us to respond. Please rest assured that you'll be notified either way once we are able to get to your submission.

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